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Climate Change Economics and Integrated Assessment Modelling

Course Lecture (Ph.D. level) Università Ca'Foscari, Venezia (2018, 2019)

The Economics of Climate Change

Presentation for the Guest lecture for the course "Ethics and Politics of Climate Change" for the BING Overseas Study Program, Stanford University, in Florence, Italy (2014)

Microéconomie / Économie publique (L3, Semestre 5)

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  • Liste des notes finales du TD (Nouveau!!!)

Environmental and Resource Economics (Master 1, TSE 07/08 -10/11)

For general information on the course please visit Professor Amigues' homepage (Enseignement)
The first part of the lecture (and the first Tutorial) are based on the Book "Environmental Economics" by Charles D. Kolstad (1999, Oxford University Press).

If you have any questions, you can e-mail me at mail@johannes-emmerling.de.

If you want to find recent papers/topics on Environmental Economics, e.g. for the project, you might want to look at

Resources for the Future
Environmental Economics Blog
Google Scholar.

Problem Sets

Problem Set 1:
Pigouvian Taxation and Pollution Permits
Problem Set 2:
Water and Land Economics
Problem Set 3:
Water pollution (based on the final exam 09/10)
Problem Set 4:
Pigouvian Taxation and Pollution Permits II
Problem Set 5:
Optimal Resource Extraction


Problem Set 3
Problem Set 4
Problem Set 5

Additional exercises (optional!)

Problem Set 1a:
Pigouvian Taxation and Pollution Permits
Problem Set 5a:
Natural Resource Extraction under different market structures
Optimal Control Exercises
Problem Set 5a (Ex. 1c, 2, 3,)
Problem Set 5b:
Resource Extraction under Monopoly

Initiation à la Macroéconomie 1 (L1, Semestre 1)


Macroéconomie Elémentaire 1 (L2, Semestre 3)